Belzer Rebbe’s Grandchildren Go Abroad

In an unprecedented step for Belzer chasidus, Rav Shulem and Rav Avrum Shmiel Tzvi Rokeach, grandsons of the Rebbe, have been traveling to Belzer communities around the world to give chizzuk and to prepare Belzer chasidim for a massive fundraising campaign.
The Belzer mosdos in Yerushalayim have been the nerve center of the worldwide chasidus for decades. Not only are they a place of pilgrimage for Belzer chasidim from around the globe, most Belzer yeshivah bachurim spend some time learning in Eretz Yisrael as part of their yeshivah education.

That heavy utilization has meant that in recent years, the mosdos have been experiencing an unprecedented monetary shortfall. In order to attempt to make that up, a program of matching funds was recently instituted in Eretz Yisrael, in which rich members of the community would match donated funds. But as askanim told Ami, the size of the shortfall was too large for this program alone to stem the tide. A global campaign needed to be started, and the Rebbe’s son and grandchildren headed out to get it started.
The actual fundraising will be taking place on Ches and Tes Shvat, next week.

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