Motty Waisbrod // Promont, Latitude Compliance, Smarcon

Where is the future of New York real estate headed? Things might not be as bad as you think, according to Motty Waisbrod. As someone who has built dozens of buildings over the past two decades, he knows a thing or two about the industry.
Motty started his career in real estate by taking a chance on himself and a vacant lot, developing it without any prior experience. From there, he went on to manage projects for other developers. To date, as CEO of his company Promont, he has worked on close to 400 projects and built more than five million square feet.
Motty has also launched two companies under the Promont umbrella. Smarcon focuses on BIM technology, otherwise known as creating virtual construction models of the entire building process. Latitude Compliance is a company dedicated to ensuring that buildings are compliant with NYC’s new energy laws.
We also touched on what it takes to get started in real estate, as well as what’s involved throughout the process of construction.
– Nesanel

“As a kid, I was far from being an entrepreneur. I wasn’t involved in any ways to make money. All I did was sit and learn. That was my ‘hobby.’ I come from a family of Amshinover chasidim, and I was born in Tel Aviv. My family left Eretz Yisrael when I was five years old, and we moved to Flatbush.
“In New York, I went to Torah Vodaas and stayed there throughout high school and beis midrash. I even learned there in kollel after my marriage. My grandfather was an Amshinover chasid, and my maternal grandfather came from a family of Gerrer chasidim. Ger and Amshinov have many things in common, and they have similar minhagim.

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