Rejuvenate: Treat yourself by bringing the spa home

Pesach is behind us and spring is definitely in the air, the enticing scent of blossoms beckoning us outdoors. This time of year is traditionally the season of harvest, where for centuries, plump grains and delightful blossoms fill our arms and hearts with joy.
This year, the reality is different and many of us are viewing those heavenly blossoms from indoors. You are probably reading this after weeks of being home (with the children), and we thought that now was the perfect time to bring the scent of freshness and joy right into your homes!
What could be better than using natural products, derived straight from nature’s goodness, to pamper and invigorate yourselves?
As an added bonus, many of these recipes are the perfect activity to do with your children; aside from the satisfaction they will receive from their creations, imagine their glee as they drop homemade bath bombs into the tub!
And finally, these homemade and natural products make the most thoughtful and useful gift. Wrap them in pretty packaging (think: natural kraft bags, raffia bags and twine), label with a personalized tag or sticker, add specific instructions for use and treat someone special!

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