The “Daf Yomi Building” // Reb Eli Stefansky of the “8-Minute Daf” talks to Ami about the revolutionary project

Reb Eli Stefansky is a busy man these days. Eli delivers two Daf Yomi shiurim in English daily in Ramat Beit Shemesh: once in the morning, which is live-streamed across the world, and again in the evening. During the rest of the day, he dedicates several hours to his now famous “8-Minute Daf,” in which Reb Eli creates an entertaining and informative eight-minute summary of the day’s daf. The “8-Minute Daf,” while available on his website, is also sent around on social media platforms. Eli creates two versions of the “8-Minute Daf,” one in English and one in Hebrew. To top it all, Eli is now in the finishing stages of building the first ever building dedicated solely to learning Daf Yomi.

The readers of Ami Magazine are familiar with Reb Eli Stefansky. We presented Eli seven years ago as one of the first people to be featured in our “Lunchbreak” column. Eli, who owns and operates real estate throughout the United States, left the running of his business in the hands of his partner to dedicate his life to learning and teaching Torah, specifically the Daf Yomi. We recently featured him and his “8-Minute Daf” daily video project, and I went to Beit Shemesh to hear his shiur in person. With the world talking about Daf Yomi, Eli’s latest project is exciting and unique: a makom Torah dedicated to learning Daf Yomi.

Eli talked to Ami about the new building, which is opening this Sunday for the first daf in the new cycle.

“This has been something that has been on my mind for quite a while. Baruch Hashem, I have enjoyed giving the daily Daf Yomi for the past few years in our local beis midrash. However, it has become too crammed for the people who want to attend. While we were looking for a new place to host the shiur, I thought to myself that we should have a place dedicated to lomdei Daf Yomi. A family needs a home. Everyone who learns the daf here, and in general all people who learn the daf, feel connected through Torah. That was one of the reasons Rav Meir Shapiro gave when he launched Daf Yomi.

“I wanted to create a place revolving around learning Daf Yomi: to create an environment where someone who learns the daf should be proud to attend and look forward to learning the daf.


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