The Missing Glasses // A loss in the pool led to a gain

By: Shani Goodman

My name is Tovah, but I’m known as the water aerobics lady. For the past 12 years, I’ve been running summer exercise groups in the comfort of our spacious saltwater pool. This helps me cover the considerable cost of having it cleaned and serviced, and of course, heated on chilly days. Scheduling and giving the classes take up a huge chunk of my summer, but the results—the opportunity to form close friendships with incredible women and the ability to pay our bills—make it more than worthwhile.
The story I want to share took place early last summer, right after I’d opened my pool for the season. It had been a busy week in which I’d taught two or three sessions a day, and by the time I reached my last class on Thursday afternoon, the last of the week, I was exhausted. There were nine women in the class that day, including Faigy, a sweet, middle-aged woman, and her daughter-in-law Raizy.
It was heartwarming to see this in-law duo’s close bond, and I complimented both of them on their wonderful relationship.


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