Half a Century of Gratitude // A random encounter in Kentucky reinforces the knowledge that our actions count

Parenting With Slovie Jungreis Wolff

Steve Klahr of RockAdian Development Group, a company that designs, builds and renovates nursing homes and assisted living facilities around the country, was flying into Cincinnati, Ohio, on an early morning flight. Due to a quirk of American geography, Cincinnati International Airport is located in the neighboring state of Kentucky, where Jews are rare and frum ones even rarer. Steve picked up his baggage and exited the airport.
After a few minutes of driving his rental car, all of the jetlag and exhaustion suddenly came crashing down on his head. He needed caffeine very badly, so he made a beeline for the first gas station on his route. There was an older man behind the counter, a grandfatherly-looking type, talking on the phone in what sounded like Arabic.

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