The Top 10 Worst U.N. Actions of 2021 // A year-end countdown to the worst ignominy


UN Review Praises Slave-Holding Mauritania’s Human Rights Record
When Mauritania came up for a mandatory UNHRC review of its human rights record, UN Watch exposed the farce of how 85% of member statements actually praised the slave-holding state’s record. North Korea commended Mauritania for its “promotion and protection of human rights”; China welcomed Mauritania’s “strategy for accelerating growth and prosperity”; Cuba praised Mauritania’s efforts to “increase the quality of life of its population.”


UN Rights Council EndsYemen Investigation After Saudi Pressure
Yemen’s civil war has killed 100,000 people and displaced four million, and atrocities are widespread. Yet in October, the UN’s top human rights body voted to end its investigation of war crimes in Yemen. Diplomats reported an intense Saudi campaign of incentives and threats against council members preceding the vote—including an offer of financial support to Togo and a threat against Indonesia to restrict their citizens’ visits to Mecca. Saudi Arabia’s military is a key figure in the Yemen war, along with Iran.

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