Bags of Blessing // A selfless act is rewarded

Parenting With Slovie Jungreis Wolff

Things weren’t all that easy for Shaindy Marcus. At 28, with five siblings, she was the only one who was single. Her younger sisters had all gotten married, but no shidduchim had been redt to her in a year and a half.

But Shaindy never complained. She came to all of her siblings’ simchahs with a smile and genuinely meant it. Any pain she felt was expressed only to her close friends and mentors. She didn’t want her siblings to pity her or to feel guilty.

This past summer, Shaindy received a phone call from her youngest brother-in-law, Yehuda. He had a favor to ask.

“In a couple of weeks my sister is making an aufruf for her son,” he said. “The whole family is going up to the mountains. Do you think you can make gift bags for the guests? Just put in some candles, the schedule and whatever else goes in there.”

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