Ariel Assaraf // Coralogix

You visit a popular website and spend two hours carefully selecting your items and, just when you’re about to check out, something goes wrong. Either your items disappear from your cart or the page simply won’t load.

Many things can go wrong when using technology. While certainly frustrating for you, the customer, this technology hiccup can cost a company millions of dollars in lost revenue and in some cases, cost lives, as well. How to prevent such problems? Enter Ariel Assaraf and Coralogix, the Israeli-based company he founded that helps discover and fix technological glitches or anomalies.

After several years in the intelligence division of the Israeli Army and working for a Homeland Security company, Ariel founded Coralogix. Coralogix offers real-time observability technology that allows for real-time data logging, metrics and SIEM security information and event management to ensure a smooth operating system.

Whether it is the internal manufacturing software or the ecommerce site for a Fortune 10 company, Coralogix makes sure that even the smallest anomaly is discovered and dealt with before it becomes a problem. Their clients include such brand names as, Masterclass, Caesar’s Palace, KFC, Fiverr and more.

Ariel took the company from the verge of collapse and built it up to a $100-million-plus company in only a few years. I am certain you will find several pieces of advice you can apply to your business, as well.
~ Nesanel

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