Easy Does It: Half homemade, half store-bought; we won’t tell!

These past few months, I sometimes wonder if I’m running a full-time restaurant. Just when I clean up breakfast, it’s lunch time, and that just leads to when and what is for dinner. It’s brought out my creative side, with homemade sourdough bread and assorted flavors of cinnamon buns, and my practical side, with recipes for quick dinners and easy, no, I mean really easy, meals. While I’m always in favor of homemade dishes, these store-bought ingredients quicken the prep time, add a burst of flavor, and usually have a brand available that is not loaded with sugar and emulsifiers. The cookie dough hack is the exception, but even my family members (who gobble up every homemade cookie I make) ask for creative store-bought cookie dough ideas because they are just kid delicious. These recipes will save you time but we won’t tell anyone, so go use that time for all the other things you don’t have time for anymore!


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