A Cut Above: Meat recipes that are a grade above the rest

By Ahron Posen

If there ever is a time to spend money on food it’s Yom Tov time. Money you spend on Shabbos and Yom Tov gets repaid by Hashem; I have tested it a few times, and when I spend money on Shabbos I always end up running into “unexpected” money. Most people have their thing they like to splurge on for Yom Tov, but this splurge can add simchah to everyone’s Yom Tov. In the current circumstances we will be needing recipes that will enhance our Yom Tov meals even more, and these are sure to put a smile on your face. Yom Tov is a zman simchaseinu despite trying times, so spend the money on Yom Tov—it’s a mitzvah!
Without boring you with the details of my writing schedule, I’ll have you know that by the time Hashem’s turning the world upside down reached America, my article about mock ribs was already sent to print—without even a slight mention of the current situation. I was talking to Rivky (she’s the last stop before it gets sent to print) and I asked if she thinks I should have acknowledged the situation. She said that people can use the quick escape from reality. An escape is not a denial of a situation—it is a massage of the mind. It allows us to relax those worry muscles in our brains for a few minutes so we can mentally survive difficult situations. That is all I have to say on this topic.

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