Off the Shoulder: A series of great meat recipes that won’t break the bank

Hey, hope you had a great week! Are you ready for some more corny jokes and great recipes?
One of my father’s favorite jokes goes like this:
Moshele thinks to himself, I really need to cut my grass. I should ask Zalman to borrow his lawn mower. But maybe he won’t let me borrow it.
You know, that Zalman guy has some nerve! What does he lose from lending me his lawn mower? He never even uses it!
So Moshele walks over to Zalman’s house and bangs on his door. The second Zalman opens the door, Moshele screams, “Ich darf nisht dayn groz schneider (I don’t even want your lawn mower)!”
Now, this may seem out of place in a food column, but it’s just my roundabout way of expressing something that’s been on my mind for a while.
I often feel that I let my head jump to irrational decisions like Moshele, when it comes to deciding which proteins to make for Shabbos.
My thought process goes something like this: “Maybe we should make a nice silver tip. It’s not so expensive and much less time consuming than making the chicken we usually eat.” Then I say to myself, “Self, maybe you should make a rib eye. It’s delicious, but it can be expensive. You know what? I think I’ll just save my money and make a chicken.”
This thought progression happens more often than we think, as there are almost always different price ranges to choose from in life. I sometimes find myself mentally climbing the ladder of luxury only to eventually tell myself, “Just grab the cheapest thing and leave,” when the middle option really makes the most sense. That is why I recently began focusing on developing recipes utilizing less pricey cuts of meat.
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