New Pop-Up Booth Section at Interstate Expo 3.0, with Ami Backing

Every hard-working business owner deserves a lucky break! A new initiative from Ami Magazine and the OJBA (Jewish Builders’ Association) gives start-ups servicing the construction industry just that; the chance to network with the big players on a level field.

In an industry where it’s network-or-nada, many businesses make face-to-face trade shows a priority. Everyone wants to be top-of-mind when the next big opportunity springs. On December 18, 2019, hundreds of manufacturers and service providers will connect at Interstate 3.0 in Secaucus, New Jersey, the building show organized by the OJBA for North Jersey regions (Parsippany, Teaneck, Linden and Newark), Monsey and Monroe. With Jewish companies making up a great portion of the construction and real estate industries, the OJBA shows have been the birthplace of many profitable collaborations.

Known as the place where veteran exhibitors showcase their building prowess, the OJBA shows boast eye-catching booth staging, fast-paced corporate videos and uncommon promotional items. Many exhibitors plan well in advance, and arrive on set-up day with energetic teams and custom displays.

There’s lots of buzz, but a vital part of the industry is missing. It’s the solopreneurs, like real estate attorneys, architects, and engineers. And the start-ups, like new kitchen designers, insulation installers, and hundreds of others who’ve never ventured a full exhibit. They’d love to broaden their base, too. And it’s a shame for them not to show, because prospects are seeking them out. Developers, general contractors and real estate managers walk the floor all day looking for fresh faces to expand their network. The more options at the show, the better!

Ami Magazine, recognizing the opportunity for intra-community parnassa-boosting, is partnering with OJBA to offer a full section of pop-up booths for solopreneurs and start-ups, so that they can exhibit at just a fraction of the price. To keep the pressure barometer down to zero, the OJBA will provide each pop-up booth with basic furniture and a standard banner featuring their company logo. There’s nothing to set up, nothing to clean up, and nothing to schlep.

“We always look for ways to further parnassa opportunities in our communities, and we’re excited to do this, because it’s different from our usual track,” explains Zack Blumenfeld, Ami Magazine’s Business and Marketing Director. “We profile many individuals and successful business owners that have an international reach but many people are in construction-related services and they’re literally building our communities. We’d love to make it easier for more people to attend the show and boost their businesses.”

To best service show attendees, pop-up booths are limited to very relevant fields, with per-industry quotas.
To apply for a pop-up booth, please call the OJBA at 845-763-0003 x104 or email [email protected].


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