JTank – The Jewish Version of SharkTank

By Dovid Lapinsky

Next into the Tank is Shmuel Kasper, who is planning to revolutionize the world of hair extensions with a new type that takes the pain out of adding oomph to your head.

My name is Shmuel Kasper, and this is my wife, Rina. I have a straightforward proposition: I am offering you an opportunity to break into the billion-dollar-plus industry of hair extensions, in which I have a patent pending.

It all starts with a story. I didn’t start out creating a product to market. I needed a solution for my daughter who was wearing typical extensions that come in packs of seven to ten, which means she was putting 20 to 30 clips in her hair. It was very uncomfortable and tedious to put on. My daughter heard about a product called Halo that is lighter on the head and more comfortable. However, when she went to buy it, the salesperson persuaded her not to buy it because it’s very unstable and will slip off the head. It’s very unpopular and isn’t like regular extensions. My wife, Rina, has over 20 years of experience with wigs and is an expert on the subject—she has cut, styled, engineered and repaired all types of hair. She knows every aspect of what it means to construct a hairpiece, and she decided to see if she could come up with a solution for my daughter. We went to someone who has been in the hair industry for over 30 years, who gave us some guidance on materials that might work best. Ultimately we created our product.

The reason is twofold. One, instead of the 20-30 clips, you can put this on with only five. Our product takes half the time it takes to put on typical extensions. Two, you can even wear it in your sleep. Not that you should, and most people don’t, but you can. That certainly points to its durability. We decided to check if there’s anything else like it out there, because it was such a great design. It turns out that there isn’t, so we decided to file for a patent, and it is currently pending.

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