The Pink Slip // I knew my friend was about to be fired

By Zehava New

“Good morning,” I said as I stuck my head into my friend’s cubicle on the way to my desk. “Brrr… it sure is cold out there.”

“Good morning to you too,” Suri said with a smile as she swiveled her chair around to greet me. “You look cold.”

“Freezing is more like it,” I said, rubbing my hands together.

“I sure hope it’s nice weather next week,” Suri said. “It’s always nicer to make a simchah when the weather is nice. People are more likely to come to a wedding in nicer weather.”

“You’ll have a big crowd,” I replied. “No one is going to miss your first daughter’s wedding.”

“I sure hope not,” Suri smiled. “We’re going all out for this. After all, this is our first child.”

The phone rang. “Gotta take it,” Suri said as she picked up.

I waved goodbye. “See you at lunch.” I headed to my cubicle, sat down, and began to work. A minute later my chatbox appeared on the screen.

Suri: Check out the email I just sent you.

Me: Will do.

Suri: It’s a new dress I just purchased for Shabbos sheva brachos. You like?

I opened the link she had sent me.

Me: It’s gorgeous—and expensive too—

I couldn’t help but add that after I noticed the price tag.

Me: Didn’t you say you have something from your son Shia’s bar mitzvah?

Suri: I know. But when I saw this, I couldn’t resist. But a wedding is not something you make every day. I guess my next few paychecks will have to pay for all the extra stuff.

Me: You better ask for a raise!

Suri: Ha! Maybe you can use your protektzia. After all, the boss is your bro-in-law.

Me: Gotta get back to work. Enjoy.

Suri: I don’t have much work today. I think I’ll go back to my shopping.

Working for my brother-in-law was one of the hardest decisions I had ever made, but once I made it, I never looked back. Raphi owns a large office-supply company, and many of my good friends work there. The day always flies by. I wouldn’t trade my job for anything in the world.

Later that evening at supper, my husband asked how my day had gone.

“Great, the usual.”

“Raphael just called me before,” my husband replied as he spooned some soup into his mouth.

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