Britain’s Dark Cover-Up // Why Is Britain Keeping Intelligence Secrets From America? Part Two

By the end of the 1980s, all three of these so-called British intelligence agencies had recruited informers among the known al-Qaeda members or supporters of other terrorist organizations from the Finsbury Park Mosque and other ultra-radical mosques in London.

There are three British spy services. The first is the Special Branch of the London Metropolitan Police, formerly called Scotland Yard. It is roughly the equivalent of New York City’s interagency task force on terrorism.

The second is the Security Service, aka the British domestic intelligence service, also called MI5. It is roughly the British equivalent of the FBI.

Finally there is the Secret Intelligence Service, commonly known as MI6, which handles foreign intelligence. The SIS is roughly the equivalent of the CIA. Soon all three British agencies discovered that their new informants were carrying out terrorist operations overseas from their London sanctuary.

Each of the three spy agencies were ordered by their ministers in the British government to do nothing as long as the terrorists promised not to attack the British people. As a result of this “hands-off” policy, London would become the safest city in the world for terrorists to meet and plan their operations.

But as the years passed, British intelligence officers began losing control over their informants, who were becoming more and more outspoken about their support for global terrorism. Still, nothing was done to rein them in.

By the year 2000, when their crimes could no longer be hidden from foreign intelligence services, the three British intelligence agencies desperately conspired to protect the terrorists from extradition. If the terrorists ever testified about how the three British spy agencies had protected them, it could cause a political scandal that could bring down the government. Apparently, British politicians in both parties agreed to continue the cover-up, whatever the cost.

It did not take long before the terrorists in London realized that they were immune. They could threaten each of the three British intelligence agencies with exposure (the SIS was the most vulnerable). The longer the intelligence agencies permitted the cover-up to continue, the more blackmail power the London terrorists held over them, the more demands were made by the leaders of the Finsbury mosque, and the more the British government caved in to buy their continued silence.

London became the world capital for their terrorism operations. The three politically paralyzed British intelligence agencies could only watch in horror as their former informers planned to attack America. Not a single person in England spoke out to expose this corruption until after I went public on American television with my accusation that the terrorist Haroon Rashid Aswat was protected by British intelligence.

Enough time has passed that the rest of the cover-up is falling apart under its own weight.

It is a cover-up several decades old. You can piece most of it together from public sources, which is what I have done with the excerpts that follow.

The members of the SIS are not all villains. In fact, almost all of them are quiet heroes who risk their lives to keep the world safe. Much of what British intelligence did with the Finsbury mosque before 9/11 was just human error. Sometimes they dismissed the London terrorists as “harmless clowns” who spouted a lot of hot air but would never really do anything. Sometimes they simply lost track of what the terrorists were doing. Human error happens.

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