Good for Good

Shaya and Libby Engel, both teachers, had flown from Los Angeles to the East Coast for the 2017 Torah Umesorah convention in the Poconos. Upon arriving, they had rented a car at the Budget booth in Philadelphia Airport. Now, crawling through traffic, they had one hour in which to return the vehicle and make their return flight.

When at last they reached the airport, a woman strolled up alongside their car and tapped on the window. “Welcome to Budget Rent-a-Car. My name’s Kelly, are you here to make a return?”

“Yes, we are,” Shaya said, handing her their rental papers. “And good afternoon.”
“Thanks, you too.” Kelly went back into her booth. She emerged with their invoice, frowning. “You guys forgot to refill the gas tank. That’s going to cost you $10 a gallon if we fill it up here. Do you want to fill up somewhere local for less?”

Shaya and Libby looked at each other. Check in would close in 45 minutes; there was no time to circle the neighborhood for a gas station. They would just have to absorb the cost.
“I’m so sorry we forgot,” Libby said. “We’ll just pay it here. Thank you so much for taking care of it, and for being so conscientious.” She signed the paperwork and handed it to Kelly.
The Engels exited the car, unloading their suitcases. Kelly watched them thoughtfully. “Are you Jewish?” she asked.

They looked at each other. Shaya wore a black hat and suit. Libby wore a sheitel and a modest skirt. It was fairly obvious that they were religious Jews. “Yes.”

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