A Topsy-Turvy Miracle

As told to Chaya Silber

There are times in life when, as Hashem says, “V’anochi hasteir astir panai bayom hahu – I will hide My face on that day—and we feel alone and forsaken. Then there are other times when Hashem performs a neis, providing the refuah before the makkah, and suddenly everything becomes clear.

Yossi and Bella Stein were anticipating the birth of their daughter with more than just a little anxiety and a lot of prayers. Like the births of their other children, this one would also be complicated due to Rh incompatibility between mother and baby, which can cause complications such as anemia and jaundice. Fortunately, thanks to intrauterine transfusions, the situation was under control, and the doctors planned to induce labor a month early, just as they’d done with the couple’s other children. That way the baby would be mature enough to survive outside the womb, and they’d do it close to the last intrauterine blood transfusion so the effects would still be felt.

The induction was scheduled for Thursday, Rosh Chodesh Adar, a seemingly “perfect” date that fell out on a Thursday. This would give Bella the opportunity to be in the hospital over Shabbos, since they knew that the baby would be staying in the NICU. It was also after the school break, meaning that Bella would still be home to entertain the kids during their vacation and they’d be back in school before she gave birth. Her friends would also be more available then in case the family needed extra help. Bella’s mother was able to schedule a timely visit to help keep everything under control, since things would definitely be challenging with a newborn baby in the NICU.

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