The Mishloach Manos that Couldn’t

Here’s the thing. I never would have even realized anything was the matter if she hadn’t gone on and on about it. But she did go on and on about it. And on and on and on.

And then when she was done going on and on about it, she went on and on about it some more.

“I spent way more money than I should have on this,” Chani Ackerman said the moment I greeted her at my door on Purim afternoon, cradling a mishloach manos basket in her hands. She smiled as she handed it over to me. “I really, really hope you enjoy it.”

You know those mishloach manos that you see in the store windows of high-end candy stores and as you peek at them you think, wow, those are so beautiful and probably cost a second mortgage and also a kidney and who buys mishloach manos like that?

Apparently, Chani Ackerman does. Apparently, she buys them for me.

“Well, wow. Thank you very much!” I said. I quickly dusted the flour on my hands off on my apron before gingerly accepting the stunning basket. “Is this really for me?”


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