BizTank – Aura-Medical

Episode 23


Clare: Good morning, everybody. It is great to be here. Foster Davis, our company representative, and I have built a company called “Aura Medical,” and this is what we do.
(Clare demonstrates with an old model nebulizer that makes a loud noise and rattles the table it sits on.)

Currently there are around 60 million people in the United States who need to use a nebulizer daily for many different issues. Some of them suffer from asthma, COPD or bronchitis. These are people who use it on a daily basis. Additionally, there are many more people who will also use it once in a while.

Now if you heard the sound of this nebulizer and you see how big it is, I want you to know that millions of people need to be tied to this device every single time they need to take a treatment—that can be sometimes up to five times a day! What I have here is a portable nebulizer; it operates silently and is FDA-approved. This is our product. We have the exclusive agreement on this product and have been selling this for almost a year now. What makes our product so great is the fact that nebulizer users can put the portable, very small machine into their pocket, take it with them, and take a treatment on the go. They don’t have to worry about getting an asthma attack and not being next to their nebulizers. They also don’t need to tie themselves up. One very important aspect that our customers love about our machine is the sound! Our portable nebulizer is so much quieter than the big, clunky nebulizers. I will start our machine now and you will hear the difference.

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