BizTank – The Decorizer®

Episode 20

The Pitch:

Hershy: Hello, welcome everybody. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to present. I want to introduce you to our product, the Decorizer®. I have here several of our products to demonstrate how it works. Let me first explain what it is.

Many dips, salads, spreads and other condiments sold in grocery stores and delis come packaged in round or, lately—as styles have changed—square-shaped containers. If you’re having an upscale event or serving a festive meal where you’d like the table set nicely, obviously these containers are not very presentable on the table.

Now the typical scenario is to transfer the contents of the container—the dip, salad or spread—into a decorative dish. Obviously this entails a few inconveniences: The transferring, the washing up, the leftovers, the waste and returning the remains back into the original containers. So, seeing the need for a convenient way to serve store-bought dips and salads, I designed and patented a product that displays the food you would like to put on the table together with the original container it comes packaged in.


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